With an exorbitant amount of articles floating around the web examining the current Millennial generation, many of which seek to examine and study them as if they are somehow flawed or different. Very few articles look at the fact that many of these individuals are overworked and underpaid, and if men of this generation are finding it hard to gain an upper hand in this current situation, imagine their female counterparts. Being labeled the selfie culture, apathetic and narcissistic, one woman has set out to chronicle the women of this generation through a zine called Girls/Club.

Georgia Murray is the founder of Girls/Club. Murray a former project journalist began her MA in Fashion Journalism when she was 23 years old, shortly thereafter realized that the fashion industry was not her cup of tea, decided to start a zine to highlight the women she admired. Murray just released her third issue which features the women from the web-series Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah on the cover. The latest issue Quarter Life Crisis is full of oh-so-true illustrations, interviews and photos highlighting the lives of women doing cool stuff, dealing with quarter life crisis’ and being ghosted on social media. Click here to order a copy.    


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