Nils Frahm and Woodkid are set to release a mini-album in response to the current refugee crisis. The work will feature spoken word contributions from Robert De Niro. Profits from the album will be donated to the charity Sea Watch and the album entitled Ellis, will soundtrack a new short film directed by artist JR. The video features De Niro as an immigrant walking the dilapidated Ellis Island hospital complex as he seeks to find an escape.

“The opportunity to work on JR´s fantastic short film came through my good friend Yoann aka Woodkid,” says Frahm. “We agreed on recording the piano parts in my studio in Berlin and so it happened that JR and Woodkid were guests at Durton studio on a wonderful late summer day in 2015. We managed to record all the crucial elements that day. The music fell into our laps and melted with the images: a wonderful experience. The film has stuck in my head ever since; it moved my heart and changed my soul.” Frahm adds, “We are not facing a refugee crisis. We are facing a crisis because we do not embrace, we do not sympathise and we cannot give up fear. Art can encourage so I hope this project will help fight the fear in all of us.”

Ellis will be released on July 8 via Erased Tapes. Watch the trailer above.