Adidas Skateboarding has begun their world premiere tour schedule for the Away Days skateboard video. In the trailer we see team riders Lucas Puig, Na-Kel Smith and Silas Baxter-Neal share their personal challenges faced while filming for the video.

The video features more than three years of filming, featuring shoots in in over 90 cities worldwide, Away Days showcases adidas super roster of skateboarders. The video premiere has not come without some drama, as long time Lakai rider Marc Johnson and former DVS shoe rider Daewon Song both announced at the Los Angeles premiere that they are now officially on adidas. Apparently the Lakai camp didn’t know that Marc would be announcing and for that Mike Carroll formerly announced through Jenkem magazine that Marc was no longer on Chocolate.

Whatever the drama, the video is sure to be a good one!

List of Global Premieres and Dates:
Los Angeles – May 12
New York City – May 14
London – May 17
Tokyo – May 20
Sao Paulo – May 20