Mancandy-163MANCANDY is a Mexican brand created by the super talented designer Andres Jimenez. The clothing design is intended to be worn by both men and woman creating a gender neutral quality to his creation. We caught up with Andres after just finishing his recent collection at Mexico Fashion Week.  

1. I am curious about your inspiration for this year’s collection?
I take things as inspiration that Mexicans love: Mariachi and soccer. I try to imagine how to put that into everyday life in a way that people would use it and feel proud of their nationality. It is a classic design of future things.
2. My favourite piece is the green jacket. Can you tell me specifically what you were thinking about for this one?
I love that jacket too! of course, I love all my pieces but that is special. It’s a Reversible Puffy Jacket. It is a sport jacket but taken to the extreme. I really like working in exaggerated silhouettes with classic garments.
3. Do you have any plans in the next couple years to grow the brand more?
Of course, I want to show my new collection in NYC and maybe Paris. I think its the natural next step for Mancandy, because I  work thinking about the global market.
4. What’s the best thing about being a designer based in Mexico City?
mmm  I love being in México in general, because the people are so friendly and it’s easy to work and live here. It is a city with great diversity and that fascinates me, and never leaves me bored. You never want to stop creating.
5.What’s the most challenging part about being a designer based in Mexico City? 
It is quite complicated. the biggest challenge is to sell, because people are not used to consuming and paying for design.
6. It seems like you travel a lot, where is the next place you really want to visit that you’ve never been and why?
I love to travel! I think it would be Puerto Rico or London. Puerto Rico because I love Latino culture, it is my main inspiration. And I’ve never been to London and I think there may be a large market for Mancandy there.