When did you get into street photography?
I got into street photography around three years ago when a friend of mine suggested I give it a go. It started really slowly, but now I get a fairly regular stream of images coming in.

Last time I was in Seoul, I was walking down Karasu-gil and there was a street fashion photographer on what seemed like every corner. Has it died down a bit?

I think it would be fair to say that it has gotten busier still. There are a lot of different photographers operating in the area and more start up each month. It’s hard to keep track of!

What type of photography are you interested in right now?

I’m interesting in documenting street fashion without making it too posed, but at the same time I enjoy shooting architecture and also anything else that interests me. I’m big on anything that will let me play with colours.

Bravado_Fashion_Magazine_Canada_Interview_Alex_Finch_6Who are your top three photographers that you look up to or respect?

Hmm, I’m a follower of and also @junstinmary and @peoplepurple here in Korea. I really like their work and their eye for shooting a specific style.

What kind of camera do you usually shoot on?

I regularly use my Nikon D810 with an 85mm prime lens, but I shoot a lot of my portrait work on my new Leica Q. Lets me get in a bit closer.

Do you have plans to move back to Europe?

None at the moment, but it’s impossible to say for sure. Depends on who I meet and finally decide to settle down with (if and when).

I think fashion weeks are interesting because a lot of trends are started there, either from the runway or the participants attending. Were there any trends you noticed this season?

Denim has been very big and Seoul Fashion Week was all about bit patches and designs on the backs of jackets. Having something sewn into what you are wearing seems to be a key to success.

Bravado_Fashion_Magazine_Canada_Interview_Alex_FinchWhat are three things that you like most about living in Seoul?

I have access to most modern conveniences, I’ve met a lot of good people here and I’m always excited by the camera community should I want to enter into the film community.

I see lots of people in Seoul wearing Supreme, Palace, etc. Are there any good Korean street brands that we should keep an eye out for?

Definitely. Check out ‘Ader Error’, ‘13 MONTH’, 87mm’ and ‘Charm’s’. Some good streetwear stuff.Bravado_Fashion_Magazine_Canada_Interview_Alex_Finch_3