One drunk night in Mexico this past summer, Tony Solis took me to a friends birthday party. We found the building and had some trouble getting in the door, as there was no buzzer. I remember drinking a beer on the sidewalk while we waited for someone to exit the building so that we could get in the door. I asked, who this friend was. Tony replied, something like this, “A very nice guy. A sweet guy and a very good fashion photographer. He is going to be starting his own magazine soon.” Tony doesn’t say many people are good photographers, so I should have taken that as a much stronger clue.

That night I had the pleasure of meeting Ivan Aguirre, and we had a great time at his birthday. The scene from his roomy balcony was very beautiful as people stood outside and smoked. A few days later, I was bored and decided to look up Ivan’s photographs and was blown away. The mood and elaborate costumes, make-up and sets that go into each photograph left me awe struck. Here are some    of the photos from his new magazine called Flesh.

1) What made you want to start your own magazine?

The truth is that I was in some point where I was just working for other people, and I was letting on the side my personal work and the love that I have for the photograph, I needed to breathe again. I like to propose my own vision, I admire the work of many people from this industry and of friends. This is really something I always wanted to do, and one day I just decided that it was time to do it.

2) Which 3 magazines do you love most?

Interview magazine, V magazine and W magazine.

3) When did you start taking fashion photos?

In 1994 at the age of 14 I began with photography as a hobby, and at that time I was working for some supplements and local publications in my native city until I moved to Mexico City.

4) What photographers helped you grow?

I admire with all my heart Richard Avedon,  Steven Meisel and Joel Peter Witkin.


5) Can you tell us the inspiration for issue 2 with Andrea on the cover?

The theme of this first number is futurism (and for this title what better face than the face of Andrea), I looked for some way and not overly obvious to make this concept, a little more dark and a little spiritual. In the end, the theme is just an excuse.


6) Where are you from?

I´m from Hermosillo Sonora.

7) What is your favourite thing about living in Mexico City?

Since I was a child I knew that I wanted to live in Mexico City, I love the movement, the speed of the city, the weather, and I really love the rain.

8) What are 3 bars/clubs you recommend?

I´m not a very going out person, I´m not very into that, so I´m disconnected to that world, I prefer small house parties, but for sure you can´t loose these places that ocassionally I go and that is Patrick Miller and Uta.

9) Who are 2 people you think we should interview next?

You can interview the Malafacha designers and the make up artist Beatriz Cisneros