Ka Xiaoxi’s photo book Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze explores Shangai’s youth culture and underground scene. Ka’s introduction to photography started by shooting photos of the gigs he was going to. His attention shifted from the bands he came to see, to the youth that were attending these concerts. We caught up with Ka to chat about his new book which features over 200 photos from the last four years attending concerts, and going to parties, and bars across Shanghai. We hope you enjoy!

1) Your book Never Say Goodbye to Planet Booze has been getting a lot of media attention in the west. Have you been surprised?

Thank you. Yes, it is starting, I hope there is more to come. In 2011, my first book was published by Didier Quarroz, I think that was when western people started to hear about me.

2) What do you find interesting you Chinese youth right now?

They are young, fresh and contemporary. Through them, I can see our creative (music, art and fashion) scene growing.

3) I know China is changing so fast, do young people seem scared or excited about the change?

I think they are used to the fast change. They feel bored if they live everyday the same.

4) What kind of underground music is popular right now? Punk? Hip-hop?

Electro, Indie and Hip-hop are the mainstream. But Rock and Punk still have their fans.

5) Did you take photography classes in high school or university?

I’ve never had a photography class before.

6) What’s your favourite camera to shoot on and why?

I like my Fuji 645, it is a medium format film camera, easy to bring with you and the photos are very good quality.

7) What project are you working on right now?

My upcoming project is a series about monster toy collections.

8) Who did you or do you look up to in the Shanghai photography scene?

Very hard to answer. 🙂

9) Are there any cool Chinese fashion magazines right now?

That is what China still lacks, I always wish we could have magazines like S magazine, Purple fashion, Pop and Inventory. Maybe someone is doing it, I just don’t know?