Text: Frederick Cappelo

Yesterday’s Prada show was truly a delight, recently Prada has been left in the shadows with the new direction of Gucci. Last night was different, in that it was one of her most memorable shows in recent history.  The runway show was drenched in themes of romanticism, and darkness. combined with beautifully tailored menswear which was full of heroic brave undertones. The show started with serious young men dressed in dark uniform styled jackets, capes, and peacoats complete with sailor hats, heading out to war, likely never to return. These young men illustrated difficult times, facing death or refuge in far off lands,  both past and present with a strong acknowledgement to Europe’s current refugee crisis.  And while the men head off to sea the women are left waiting at shore, lost in grief waiting for their return. The song underscored by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue’s “Where the Wild Roses Grow” was a fitting soundtrack. Mrs. Prada reflected before the show that she was influenced by feeling, “deeply serious and deeply human and trying to understand mankind’s difficulties.”

The collection also featured hero’s and leaders from times past through illustrated shirts by the French artist Christophe Chemin with images of Hercules, Freud, Cleopatra and Che. The set for the show was inspired by the concept of a town square and the historic symbolic meaning. Mrs. Prada said, “The square is a place of revolution so it represents every single thing happening around the world. The collection was like an excursion through history to find the moments that were heroic, passionate, difficult, and to reflect what happened in history to see if we have something to learn about what’s happening now.”


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