Seoul Fashion Week from United Bamboo on Vimeo.

Above video is a video made by United Bamboo of the trip to Seoul.

We caught up with Thuy Pham in Seoul to talk about United Bamboo’s S/S collection. We also got sidetracked and began chatting about futuristic skateboard gangs and Mark Gonzales.

So how did you decide to come to Seoul Fashion Week?

We got invited by Seoul Fashion Week. I had come last year just to visit. I am in Japan a lot because of licencing and distribution in Japan plus we have a store there. It’s weird because whenever we have a sample sale there’s always tons of Asian girls that come to buy our clothes. The Asian market is a good market for us. So any opportunity we get to come here I got to take it.

You just showed in New York, so will it be the same collection?

We showed in New York Fashion Week. It’s pretty much the same look only on Asian girls. Actually the one thing that’s going to be different than New York, normally we usually try to get a live musician to perform. Last year we got Pete Kember from Spaceman 3 that was awesome. This year we got Chibo Matto to play. The night before I had to make a sound track and I got a new computer. I had to download the software and I was up til 5 a.m. mixing the soundtrack. We usually use a small venue, which is more intimate.

What inspired this years collection?

I usually try not to do themes with each collection. I try to instead think of where I want to take the brand. When we first started I would say our customers were much younger. I think each year I think a bit older, I am not a spring chicken myself. So I have been doing this for 12 years so each year I try to get better. We try using better fabric, more complex designs.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Like music or art?

I used to be really inspired by music before. Now we are so busy, besides the two main collections, we do other collections in between. I think of design now more as a process. All my friends are in the creative business, where as before they were all hanging out in bars. So now they come and tell me, “Hey, you gotta make me some cool clothes that I can wear to the office.” As I get older I guess I am starting to design for a bit older crowd. That’s not to say I am going to be making clothes for 50 year olds. My vision for the company is a good, chic, modern style for ladies.

Photo: Courtesy Tony Solis