Gia Coppola is a recent photography graduate of New York’s Bard College. She is the niece of Sophia Coppola and her great uncle is Francis Ford Coppola among a list of other family actors and filmmakers. While her family linage speaks volumes it does not over shadow her own creative ability to make beautiful photos and short films.

We got to chat with the somewhat shy photographer/film maker in her hometown of L.A. about her recent work. Since graduating she has directed a series of short films for Rodarte, a Target ad for Zac Posen and another short film for Opening Ceremony featuring her cousin Jason Schwartzman and Kirsten Dunst.


So your living in L.A. right now?


Have you always lived in L.A.?

I went to college in upstate New York. I lived there for three years then graduated and came home.

Do you miss New York?

I love L.A. I love California. I prefer LA to NY mostly because visually it’s more appealing to me, I like a to drive around and look at stuff. My family lives in Napa Valley so it’s fun to drive up there. I grew up here so my friends and family live here. It just feels more comfortable for me and a little more laid back.

You don’t mind the traffic?

No, I love to drive and sit in my car and listen to music. I am glad that I had that experience of living in a different state but I think I was spoiled by California weather.

Your family history is obvious. Do you think that has made you want to get into film or has it been daunting?

I think when I was younger I was more shy about it and then it just kind of felt like it was something I felt comfortable with. It’s been around me my whole life so it just feels kind of natural.

Are you close with your family?

Yeah, I am close with my whole family. I email them or call them to ask them for their opinions for things I am working on and get their advice or borrow their equipment.

I first heard about you through the magazine The Journal.

They are awesome there. They gave me my first editorial gig where they printed my first photos.

How did you get involved with them?

Mark Gonzales was doing a guest version for the magazine. He asked me to do some poems. He must have remembered me from when I was a little girl. Then Michael asked me later to write some more poems but I am not a poetry writer. I just did it for fun. I asked if I could submit my photos instead.

non plus one from Tracy ANTONOPOULOS on Vimeo.

Would you say your main thing is photography more than film?

Well I majored in photography in school and then I felt a little burned out after three years non-stop. When I finished school film seemed exciting. There were new cameras to try and learn there was a bit of a new challenge. I enjoy photography but I like it more as a side hobby.

You recently did a commercial for Target with Zac Posen. How did you get picked to do the ad?

I guess he wanted the girl group ‘The Like’ and the girls recommended me and I have known Zac from when I was younger.

What else have you been working on recently?

I am doing another video that’s coming out for Opening Ceremony. I have been writing and doing other photo projects as well.