Patrick Hoelck is a brilliant, chain-smoking, Hollywood filmmaker with a recent movie out called Mercy. He also just came out with a book entitled Polaroid Hotel which is a collection of photographs he shot using a polaroid camera. We caught up with Patrick to talk about his new book, and we wanted to share some of the photos with you.

You had your signing for your book?

The signing was a lot of fun. We were surprised how many people came out. I think almost 700 people came which is pretty incredible for a book signing.

This book you self-published?

Yeah, and it was co-published by LEADAPRON. They had never made a book before. We had always wanted to do something together.

Your famous, why did you decide to self-publish?

This book is a limited run, the first pressing is only 400 copies. I wanted to get the book out quickly and thought that in this case self-publishing would be the fastest route.


What’s next with the book?

We are thinking of doing something in New York City next. Also, possibly a web app.

What are you going to work on next?

I am working on a book I have been shooting the past five years. It doesn’t have a title but is going to be a series of short stories and women. I have shot about 330 women for the book and it’s about 70 percent edited.

Do you write all the short stories in the book?

Yes, my first hobby has always been writing. I previously did a book called Tar which was also a series of women and short stories.

When you were writing Tar were you coming off drugs or still using?

No, I was in early sobriety when I did it. The beginnings were definitely junkie journals and then it went to a more confused state. This new book is kind of picking up from where that one left off. I write everyday.

Are you taking a break from films?

No, not at all. I have 3 films in development currently and a couple look like they will be going soon.

Can you tell us a bit about Pilfered Magazine?

Well I started the magazine to archive images. We started with 5000 followers and grew to 3.6 million hits a month. Then on the 11th issue we had to shut it down due to copyright issues. We got hit up to do advertisements but we never did.

Pilfered was a wild ride, I had a lot of fun doing it. It drew a lot of energy from youth culture from around the world. But I had to respect everyone’s view points about copyright issues. It was a bummer that it was so short lived. The good news is that we’ve begun to produce another magazine that we believe addresses all of the mistakes made in Pilfered, it will debut soon.

I am interested by how artists embrace or don’t embrace technology.

Yeah, that’s a fucking good debate. I could share Rupert Murdocks view that there should be some sort of pricing model in place for online images and then I could share the view point of Google that the world is free. I don’t think we have figured it out yet, I think it’s still emerging.

For your shots, you shoot polaroids and digital?

I shoot with any medium. At first I was worried about digital being too cold like when porno went from film to digital. I learned with the help of some good techs to get back into my look with the modernism. At first it was a bumpy road and then it came to a point where it didn’t matter what you shoot on.Bravado_Fashion_Magazine_Canada_Patrick_Hoelck_Polaroid_Hotel_PharellBravado_Fashion_Magazine_Canada_Patrick_Hoelck_Polaroid_Hotel_Tony_Ward